Well.....how did September come around so fast?!

For me it feels as if the summer has flown past this year.  I would definitely have liked more time to eat outside at night, I love lazy warm evenings, eating good food and the odd glass of wine. 

I would have liked more time to just be, to not do anything, to have nothing in the diary and to just allow the days to unfold.

You see, time is such a precious commodity, one that we sometimes don't appreciate, or waste or we fill with the things we don't truly enjoy. However, as quickly as I have felt the summer rush by, I also have more memories and moments to treasure and appreciate.

I loved spending time with my grandkids, taking them to build scarecrows, on the train to Notts, walking, talking, drawing and of course Lego.

I loved the extra time I had to see more people, I loved the extra time I had to think more about how I want my work and personal life to go this year.

I loved having the time to pack and box up the downstairs of my home in anticipation of long overdue major work that needs to be done.  I loved clearing out some accumulated clutter but I have to admit I am slightly uneasy about the mess, dust, dirt and chaos I’ll be living in for the next 8 weeks or so, but hey the end result will be worth it.

I loved spending a week in a beautiful place where I could walk, swim, explore with my hubby and lovely ‘steppies’.

I loved planning a busy, diverse, informative and fun Autumn timetable at Balance and cannot wait to share the new workshops/classes and events we have coming up. I love that Balance is becoming such a well-being hub and the opportunity to share some new therapies, practices and skills.

September is a wonderful time and as I say goodbye to another summer, I’m so looking forward to change, exploring new opportunities, expanding my experiences and engaging with many more people and places - living my life a little less ordinary.

September we are ready for you!