Yet again I'm delighted to be saying a huge thank you to all the lovely clients at Balance.....when I heard that Newark refuge had had their funding cut and were in dire need again, I did wonder whether it was too soon after our Christmas donations to ask everyone to help out again, but, I decided it was not my choice but yours and I would put it out there and see what happened.

Well, we got even more this time! The studio was so full of donations and we collected £580 cash, which Balance matched, so a total of £1160, we were gifted an IPad, also donations are being asked for instead of wedding gifts and a number of you have asked for bank details to set up a small monthly donation too. Thank you all.

I'm sure many of you will have seen us in the Newark Advertiser this week and this will help raise awareness for the Refuge. Once again when all our donations were dropped off the ladies that run the refuge were in tears, they were overwhelmed with all our support and cannot thank you all enough, they want you to know that what you have done is making a difference and is very much appreciated.

So, this weeks little pondering had to be about the joy of giving. Giving something to someone else feels good, yes for those on the receiving end but equally so for those on the giving end - it really is such a win win situation.

However, I think it’s important to recognise that it is not only material things, some of the most important things we can give to each other have no material value at all.

We can give our attention and really listen to each other.

We can give our time and be truly present with who we are with, including ourselves.

We can give our knowledge without fear or expectation.

We can give our compassion and understanding to other people's situations

We can give our kindness and help others out.

We can give our skills to those who need them.

We can give our humour and make people laugh.

We can give our smile to someone we don't know.

We can give our conversation to someone who is shy.

We can give our company to someone who is alone.

We can give our tolerance to those who do not walk the same path.

We can give our open heart and open mind to those who appear different to us.

We can give ourselves the love we easily give to others.

We can give ourselves and others respect.

We can give our planet the nurturing it so desperately needs.

We can give our bodies nourishing food and mindful exercise.

We can give our minds the chance to be still.

We can give our life purpose and passion by doing the things we love.

We can give ourselves the opportunity to find inner peace.

We can give our Soul the chance to shine bright.

We can give our love .......unconditionally.

Want some Joy in your life?

Then decide what it is you are going to give today 🙂