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RTT Success Stories


I went to see Philippa, following the death of my son, to ask for help with a 'trigger word' that was causing me great distress. Support from bereavement counsellors, GP, loving family and friends was helping me to function but I couldn't get past the flashbacks.  The RTT experience has changed my reaction to the 'trigger word' and given me so much more, helping with my grief and loss; sitting with the pain, letting go of the trauma, facing the new path I am now on. 

From the initial session the 'trigger word' was gone and when I heard the 'word' I saw the new photo of my beautiful son when we were out together on holiday.  Soon after the RTT session, when I heard the 'word' I realised a soft smile would come, as the new image of my son appeared. 

The session covered so much more than the 'trigger word' and helped me with my wider grief; sitting with the pain, letting go of the trauma, facing the new path I am now on.  On a physical level, at the very beginning my heart rate went up and I found it hard to stop resisting to the body sensations, but once I let go my body relaxed. 

Clare, Trigger Word following loss of her Son

I would certainly recommend Philippa,  I wanted help with my wariness, nervousness as well as overthinking and at times confidence issues. I felt so relaxed and safe in the RTT session with Philippa and since the session I have a strong feeling of openness, about me 'inside and out' - an inner strength. The nervousness has disappeared.  Less analysing and overthinking. 


I came to RTT to help me with feelings of anger, feeling I was being lied to and being unsure of myself.  After the session I felt chilled, relaxed and as though I was floating.  A big weight had lifted from my shoulders.  

Now I am less angry and more able to communicate, more at ease with myself.  I found the whole experience positive and the benefits extraordinary.  I feel more myself.
Harry A

My experience of RTT with Philippa was wonderful. I felt totally safe and relaxed with her. Having lived with the same issues for 53 years, to think we could get to the bottom of it in one session, is truly amazing.  I came away feeling somehow 'lighter' and so happy.  I can't thank you enough Philippa.

Sue, Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues

When I first decided to try RTT I didn't know what to expect and wasn't sure it would work, but working with Philippa to address my issues was truly transformative and has allowed me to become more confident and much happier in myself. If you're sitting with a problem and thinking "it's just who I am”, I'd really encourage you to try it, because learning why you have developed certain behaviours, and more importantly, being able to stop them (in under 2 hours) will change your life in so many ways. For me, being able to get into bed and get a beautiful 8 hours sleep is remarkable after so many years of feeling like I was crazy or just damaged and now I know neither are true thanks to Philippa and RTT.

JP, Sleep Issues

Philippa was very accommodating, allowing me to do the session via Zoom from my house. She was compassionate in guiding me through a very emotional situation that makes you feel very vulnerable. It made me feel optimistic that I could get better, she made me see the small improvements I'd been making and helped me focus on the positives rather than the negatives. Mentally, I feel far less anxious and no longer feel like my emotions are simmering just below the surface ready to boil over.

Philippa was very accommodating and compassionate. RTT really fit my needs with regards to getting results quickly, and being able to do it from the comfort of my own home. I wouldn't have got this with traditional hypnotherapy. I wish I'd known about RTT years ago and would urge anyone to try it.

MH, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Anxiety Client

Before the session, I was struggling with confidence and self-esteem and anything would knock my confidence.  I constantly felt I wasn't good enough, which had a knock on effect with everything, including relationships and achieving what I want to in my career. I knew my issues would be associated with my mum but was surprised with everything that came out under hypnosis, as had no idea when my issues with confidence etc started.  Now I feel great - with people who used to make me feel 'not good enough' and I put on a pedestal.  I don't do that anymore and feel I can be my authentic self and my relationships feel so much better and more fun/light-hearted.

I left feeling wonderful!

Client from Leicestershire, Lacking Confidence and Self-Esteem

The scenes made sense to me but also gave me some valuable insight into what had happened in my childhood to cause the way I was feeling and behaving today. For me the transformation was the most powerful part of the session. I felt that it was exactly what I needed and very personal to me and my experience.  I felt very pleased after the session, confident that the transformation recording was exactly what I needed. 

I have been a lot more confident in myself, freer to express myself knowing that I am enough.
TH, Imposter Syndrome Client

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I have no reluctance to attempt anything at the moment.  I find the recording therapeutic and enjoy listening to it of an evening!  Wish I had done this sooner

Confidence Client

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I have no reluctance to attempt anything at the moment.  I find the recording therapeutic and enjoy listening to it of an evening!  Wish I had done this sooner

Confidence Client

My experience with Phillipa and RTT has been very positive and I would recommend her and the therapy to others.
Philippa was empathic and professional and I felt safe and relaxed in the session. I came for help with social avoidance, and over the weeks listening to the recording, I have noticed a change in my behaviour: I am going out more and engaging with people with more ease. I have reframed some difficulties I was having in my life and feel much more optimistic for the future. Thank you, Philippa.

Sarah, Social Avoidance Client

Phillipa is a wonderful RTT Therapist. Having never experienced hypnosis before, other than self-hypnosis apps, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Phillipa made the whole process very comfortable. She has a fantastic ability of helping you to tap into the answers you already have within you that have, for whatever reason, become dormant and hidden. Phillipa is also very reassuring throughout and guides you along the way if you are struggling to make sense of things.
Depression/Confidence/Self-Worth Client

I went to RTT to help me with the lack of belief in myself and my decisions. I didn’t know what to expect, it was more powerful than I imagined. Since my session, what has really changed for me is the ability to recognise fear as a sign of change and to embrace that and be confident in making a decision. I thought Philippa was an excellent RTT therapist. She made me feel very comfortable and secure with what was an unknown situation. The recording was very thorough and easy to work with.

Self-Confidence Client

Following our session I felt a weight lift.  I felt the negativity mostly disappeared and I found that I could focus on my goals with excitement rather than trepidation.  I no longer feel overwhelmed by everything, and am able to focus on what I want out of a situation rather than feeling as though I am drowning. I still have a way to go, but take myself out and listen to your tape whenever I find myself floundering.  With immense gratitude I can honestly say that RTT has been an amazing breakthrough for me.

Anxiety Client

Watch Yvette's video to see what she thinks of her RTT experience with Philippa.
I was surprised by the outcome: what I thought was blocking me was actually something totally different.

I was relaxed and excited that I had finally unblocked something that had been there for a long time.

After the session I was exhausted, but smiling, it was a very intense session, as lots of tears flowed! I felt much lighter after the session and gained clarity on what I needed to focus on.

A session with Philippa is a total game-changer, she takes the time to delve deeper into the root cause of your issue. Can't recommend her highly enough for those that truly want to see changes in their life and address anything that is holding them back from the life they truly deserve!


Attracting a long term relationship client

I felt really happy at the end of the session and optimistic. I came in feeling like I had hit a wall in my life and Philippa reframed that for me as a doorway in to a new life and an opportunity to find myself and explore. The conversation was helpful and the recording she made me was so positive and uplifting. I came away feeling excited about the future.

Sarah, Social Avoidance Client

I had the most powerful, transformative experience. Something more than just curing an alcohol addiction happened. In the lead up to the session, I was severely depressed, borderline suicidal. I could not see a way to get out of the hole I was in and get my family back. The transformation in me was noticeable by all those around me, friends and family alike. My dad, who I was living with at the time, said that after months of me barely talking, it was like I was suddenly back again. For anyone that might question how addicted I was, one week before my RTT session I was drinking each day, usually from morning to blackout, and I was stealing money from my family in order to fund my addiction. RTT has literally saved my life. I don’t mean existentially necessarily, although I was depressed to the point of suicidal thoughts. Rather, I mean my life with my family, with my wife and young children. RTT was the lifeboat that saved me from the sinking ship that was my life in addiction. It rescued me when I was drowning, and gave me the chance to change for the better. In a very real sense, it gave me my life back.
Tom, Alcohol Addiction Client

Writer and Business Owner

My experience of RTT with Philippa was nothing short of amazing. It was completely different to what I had expected, but I honestly do feel like it has drastically changed my life for the better. Thank you so much!

Anxiety, Stress, Over-Analytical Thinking

I read a lot of reports about how alcoholics have to live day-by-day, taking one day at a time, like every day is a daily battle not to drink, even decades later. But for me this isn’t the case. I rarely think about alcohol, and when I do, there is a degree of indifference towards it, and that is all thanks to RTT.
Alcohol Addiction Client

I thought going to the session would trigger my anxiety, however Philippa made me feel very at ease straight away. I felt secure in the session and relaxed. I found the session very eye opening, I felt very calm. I didn’t know what to expect but it was better than I could have ever imagined. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders straight away and I left the session feeling lighter and more positive about the future. I have noticed a change in even the small things in my life. Situations where I used to ask others to do something for me because I felt to anxious, I now find myself doing them and afterwards I feel so happy and confident when notice what I have achieved. RTT with Philippa has given me so much more confidence in my life. From start to finish I felt calm and relaxed, I now understand where my issues came from. RTT has given me a fresh start and a chance to start living my life the way I want to.
Anxiety Client

I feel the root of my anxiety became very clear and apparent and I feel better for understanding why I had anxiety.  I was surprised by how many memories came to mind when looking for the root of my anxiety. I can understand now why so many life events—which seem small at the time—can affect the way your brains reacts in the future, you wouldn’t think such things could have a lasting affect in your adult life. I felt very strong emotions throughout the session and I felt I was physically letting going of my anxiety. It was a powerful feeling and through listening to my recording, I have grown in confidence and continue to do so everyday. I would definitely recommend RTT, I was starting to think that I had to live with my anxiety. I am so happy I had RTT
Anxiety Client

I’ve felt great since our last session, thanks! I feel like I have woken up from a month-long bad dream, back to my old self again.
Alcohol and Drug Addiction Client

My experience of RTT with Philippa has been enlightening. It has put me on a brighter path and allowed me to leave some difficult issues of the past behind, It has been a progression of letting go of some things and looking at things in a more positive way. I feel calmer and lighter and am sleeping much better.
Fear and Anxiety Client

Philippa very quickly and effortlessly put me under hypnosis and helped me to identify key scenes in my life which had contributed to not feeling confident enough in life. I was surprised by the insights she gave. Her style is quietly confident and extremely caring. I felt very safe in her capable hands and would recommend highly RTT with Philippa.
RTT Client via Skype (based in Singapore)

Swee Lin, Freelance Management Consultant

I came to have a session with Philippa as the main issue for me was the negative self sabotaging inner voice that was depleting all my efforts to move forward in my business. I found the session extremely focussed and intense, but in a positive way. We dealt with issues head on and it surfaced issues I was unaware of. Since my session, my inner voice has been quieter, it’s easier to turn any negativity about myself or my business around, I feel lighter, more focussed. Really quite liberating. Before having RTT, I had been living life thinking I just had to accept the voice in my head, my mood, the constant battle of bringing myself up was something I’d have to live with. Although I still work daily on my mindset, the RTT has given me a huge leap forward and I’m so grateful that I found Philippa.
Life Purpose Client (Business Owner and Mother)

I didn’t know exactly what the expect from the session, but I felt that it was relaxed and easy to work with Philippa and follow instructions that I was being given. It was quite an emotional experience, but I had been prewarned that it could be.I felt quite tired emotionally, but I also felt calm and as though a certain amount of emotional weight had been lifted from my shoulders. When I got home I had no desire to eat chocolate and cakes. RTT with Philippa was enlightening. It is changing the way I look at food, and how I feel about myself. Philippa was very engaging, and managed the whole process with compassion and without judgement.
Weight Loss Client

Watch Vana's video to see what she thinks of her RTT experience with Philippa.
RTT was incredible!  If you’re feeling stuck with anything in your life, I’d encourage you to get in touch with Philippa.
Vana Hart Sutton

Entrepreneur from New Mexico, USA

I found the session brilliant and I was expecting to be "out of it", this was not the case. The session left me with feeling a sense of relief from letting out how I've felt for all these years, at some points emotional, at others happy as I felt progress. Since then, every single day I have found that I'm holding for longer and the urgency has gone. RTT was an experience I would gladly do again if I ever need any psychological help, as I truly believe it was beneficial.
Patrick, Bladder Control Client

I was surprised that what I thought to be a small part in my past has had such a far reaching and long-term effect on me. I was blaming other things and dismissing this very vivid memory. The 'cure' made me feel amazing, empowered, positive, happy, excited, lighter and liberated as though I'd broken out of my cage finally. I would definitely recommend RTT to others who are feeling as desperate as I was feeling. There is hope and you can do it. Life changing for me. The world is an exciting place to be in, I can do anything, I'm good enough and I don't have to apologise for me anymore. Thank you, Philippa.
Anxiety, stress and depression client

I found the session much better than I had even hoped it would be. Initial nerves soon passed as Philippa has a very calming energy. I immediately felt safe and relaxed with her - and I don't trust people easily. The session itself was incredibly relaxing and emotionally powerful in a very positive way for me. After years of battling with anxiety, low mood, low self esteem and confidence, and trying to tackle these with counselling (including CBT and EMDR therapies), RTT and the right time in my life was something that finally hit the spot for me. It all made perfect sense and I felt such a weight lifted from me, feeling liberated, lighter and happy.
Anxiety and stress client

Life has changed for the better since the session and listening to the 'cure' for a month. I am incredibly calm and am enjoying this inner peace that I wake up with every morning and carry with me throughout the day. I feel confident at work now and any self-doubt is now very quiet. My husband and work colleagues have noticed a difference in me. Apparently, I no longer walk round looking/acting like a victim. I have taken up meditation which I really enjoy and benefit from. I have fallen in love with those feelings that I came away from the treatment with and want this positivity and empowerment to continue. Anxiety and stress are gone. I have released myself from them.
Anxiety and stress client

Truly transformational - family and friends have noticed the change, and I feel happier, stronger than I have in a long time. Much more in control of what I put on my plate and in my mouth - I used to think about food all the time, but now only when I am really hungry.
Weight loss client - Donna

RTT with Philippa has given me a new lease of life. I feel able to leave the past behind and move on - feeling confident, slim and attractive.
Body Image client

How Amazing - feeling very different about food - indifference definitely describes it. Eating much smaller and all the right things! I feel fab and can see the weight coming off already. More energy, happier in myself - quite a transformation!
Weight loss client

Thank you so much for your time on Friday. So enjoyed the session – it was definitely revealing and makes so much sense why I have behaved this way for so long. I feel a such a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I've also noticed how much more confident I feel and how much better my posture is 😃
Wealth and Finance client

I was a bit anxious at the beginning of the session, Philippa made me feel totally at ease and I fully trusted that I was in safe hands. During the session I was a little surprised at what my mind went to but now I understand why. I've had a real lightbulb moment, I feel much more positive and in control - I'm confident it will continue! I feel totally different in the way I think about things and I have been able to reflect on and have a better understanding of why I have had these issues to begin with. Thank you!
Weight Loss client

Every day is getting better and better. For me the biggest thing is growing in confidence and 'I can do'. Not worrying about everything as I’m confident I’m doing my best. 'Perfect - there's no such thing!' Thank you so much!
Life Purpose client

Actually regarding the RTT, I feel different since..... released...more the real me (I'm no ice maiden!). I now feel I'm back to being that warm, passionate woman and can think straight. Also, I think I put a wall around me when we moved as I didn't anticipate how much I would miss back home and my friends/former work colleagues/family. Now however my walls are down and I'm finally embracing everything and everyone more....so it's helped me to be more myself again. I realised another thing that had made me anxious since moving here was work-related which was resolved last week plus I had a great appraisal so things are changing 👍😀 I love the way you explain everything so articulately and with knowledge and insight 😀 I thank you again for making me feel at ease during our session - your warmth and kindness was much appreciated. I do believe it's also the person doing it that makes the difference...
Anxiety client

My hypnosis session with Phillipa has been wonderfully effective. After the death of both my parents, I had suffered grief, which rolled into a slight depression. Suddenly, I didn’t fit into my life anymore. My life that had previously been filled with friends and great pleasure now felt blasé. I retreated. I lost all motivation for my work. I stopped laughing. I was untethered. Things needed to change. I now find myself setting new goals, engaged in my work, and laughing! Thank you Phillipa! Not only have I connected with LIFE again, I feel freer and happier than before!
Life Purpose Client (Architect)

The session was much more emotional than I was anticipating, but very transformative. I was surprised at how difficult it was for my subconscious to bring up past memories, because consciously I am usually quite open and happy to chat about things, but under hypnosis I felt totally blank. What impressed me the most is even though I shut down in that way, you were able to work around me and still get to a place where we could make progress.
Anxiety, Stress and Over-Analytic Thinking Client

Working with Philippa has helped me to change some deep-rooted issues. I could not understand what had held me back for so long. During the session, I was able to come to some important realisations and understandings about my issue. I am now taking action to help me to reach my Goals, which before my session with Phillipa had been extremely difficult... Thank you so much Philippa.

My overriding feeling after the session was the freedom I felt in relation to work- more motivated and not feeling guilty. I definitely believed in myself far more afterwards and this certainly helped my performance in an interview which got me a new job! I would absolutely recommend RTT to others.
Life Purpose client

I feel great! I actually haven't touched any sweet stuff (chocolate, cakes, biscuits - anything) without even thinking about it too! Just haven't been bothered by them at all. I just feel so much better in and about myself 🙂
Weight loss client

Hypnotism is not what you might think it is, so if you have any concerns about how you will feel during hypnosis, you have nothing to worry about! Philippa makes you feel valued and supported, teasing out the issues of concern and targeting those effectively in an individualised recording. The feeling afterwards was that I can do it, and the motivation to do so.
M. S.

Just thought I would give you a little update on how things have been since Monday. Well, it has been quite amazing!! I haven’t wanted to overeat at all and my thinking about food has just disappeared. I haven’t wanted to eat anything ‘bad’ at all. Not a single piece of bread or any cows' milk. Amazing. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost about 6lbs!!!!!!
Business Owner

Thank you for the RTT session Philippa, I was surprised we went so far back and I was a little ‘shell shocked’ at what came up, during the session you made me feel very safe and afterwards I felt so much better. I know you have helped considerably with some of my issues. I am hoping I continue to improve and feel less anxious and more worthy.
Anxiety client

My experience of RTT with Philippa has been phenomenal! Not only was the root of the problem dealt with, but I have since experienced so many other positive things as a result of the session. It has given me focus and clarity in my financial goals and career, I feel driven and unstoppable and know with certainty that I am reaching my goals, I feel boundless confidence but also feel grounded. The self-critic in me is gone and so is self-sabotage. For the first time in my life I'm feeling empowered and excited about managing my finances. Thank you Philippa for a life changing experience.
Wealth and Finance Client

I am diligently listening to the recording, twice a day and feeling transformed already……. Also feeling excited about the now and the future, grateful too 😊 the session has also brought clarity about going forward and trusting that everything will be in place with perfect timing to achieve my goal.
Life Purpose client

I'm feeling great, emptying my house of cake. I’ve had the best day since Christmas, feel great and have started running again. Went out for a meal and had no desire to eat a pudding, lost 10lbs so far - thank you so much Philippa.
Weight loss client

I feel far more confident and able to view myself in a new way. I re-looked at my holiday photos and saw a happy, attractive woman who looks pretty good for her age. Previously I just noticed how big my bust was and how fat I looked. I have had several compliments from strangers and an old acquaintance - about my dress style, smile and hair - and feel good. I have also lost nearly 3lb in weight and feel really positive.
Body Image client - Donna

I was very surprised to uncover the source of my limiting beliefs about money. Revealing and traumatic, it made sense why I had behaved this way for so long. Immediately after my session I felt light, relieved, strong and so enthusiastic about the changes I know are already happening. I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and cleansed of a lifetime of emotional toxins around finances!
Wealth and Finance Client

RTT with Philippa has been a revelation, particularly with how quickly it seems to have made a difference! It's like previously walking around with your eyes closed then suddenly being awakened! There are so many issues this can help with that everyone could do with trying this at some point in their life. RTT was so great as you have the right person in Philippa to do it😀

It's been very different. I have only had two sweet things since my session and that is absolutely unheard of for me. I feel much more in control of my sugar addiction and haven't experienced any withdrawal symptoms which was a pleasant surprise. I've also felt much more peaceful in general and haven't needed the radio on to get to sleep as my thoughts are less 'busy’.
Weight loss client

I feel clarity and focus about my career and financial goals, empowered and excited knowing that the limiting patterns that had governed my behaviour is gone for good. I feel confident, driven, and powerful and the other surprising thing is that I am starting to lose weight which makes me think this was all related to the anxiety/fear around finances too.
C.M (Wealth and Finance Client)

RTT with Philippa provided a safe opportunity to explore personal challenges and draw positive conclusions that make such a difference if you allow them to. Afterwards I felt exhausted, exhilarated, lighter!
Life Purpose client

I have definitely been making better choices, both consciously and subconsciously, where food is concerned. This has been noticed by my partner too. This has made me believe I can do it. I have lost a little more weight and am at the stage where I am beginning to notice in my clothes, so this also is spurring me on.
Weight loss Client

I felt 100% comfortable and safe with Philippa, she was a pleasure to work with. Immediately after the session I felt very emotionally drained and tired, but like something big had happened. I have loved listening to the recording, and I think that’s where the biggest transformation happened after a while. It felt very emotional to start with, but quickly became really empowering. For a few weeks following my session, I felt quite numb, but calm. Then suddenly I turned a corner, and started to feel much better, and have felt pretty great ever since. I can honestly say that I feel like my anxiety is gone. The best moment in the session was the visualisation where we let go of my anxiety. I was surprised at how emotional that experience was, but it’s definitely the thing that I go back to most often as the life-changing point.
Anxiety, Stress and Over-Analytic Thinking Client

Mindscaping Success Stories

Philippa introduced me to Mindscaping as an addition to what I was already doing to boost confidence, clarity and belief that I do know enough. I have confidence in many areas of my life but when spreading my wings as an entrepreneur the doubt set in. She suggested a session. What I love about Mindscaping is how quickly I responded to the process of the session and most of all how clear I felt afterward. I really was blown away that this simple process accomplished so much in such a short time. Philippa is a master at knowing where to guide you to achieve what you want and really let go of what you don't. The best part is that it doesn't matter where you live as long as you have access to the internet....Zoom works all over the world!
Confidence (V. Hart Sutton, USA)

Mindscaping with Philippa was fantastic! I had no idea what to expect at all but it blew my mind in all the right ways 🙂 I gained a wider insight and clarity into so many things during and immediately following the session that I felt I had made a significant breakthrough, I was buzzing! I couldn’t quite believe what I had just experienced, it was incredible. The mind is so powerful. Life went in a fantastic direction following my session.
Self-confidence/Self-worth client

I have never before experienced, nor heard of, Mindscape. I cannot believe how simple and effective it is! I love metaphors so this really played to my heart when trying to figure out the messages it held for me. It made it an enjoyable way of discovering the answers to questions you may have never even known you had and had a profound way of tapping into what’s really going on in there. I gained huge insight.
Depression/Self-confidence client

Soul Realignment Success Stories

The reason I had my Soul Realignment profile done was to check if I am on the right track with my career, how I can make my life flow more easily and full of even more joy.

My profile seemed absolutely spot on. I resonated with everything that was said. I made my first sale on my online programme the very next day after my session once Philippa had removed the blocks.  

It's a beautiful and enlightening experience, I absolutely loved it. It has given me so much more clarity and focus on the direction of my life. I feel so confident about the direction that it is going. I am also grateful to find out the things that can do to enable me to live on even more alignment and with even more abundance. I loved working with Philippa and highly recommend Soul Realignment.

The session was lovely, it was pleasant experience, the way you delivered the information was very friendly and kind and I found it was extremely accurate, quite surprisingly.

One sentence you said "things do not get better with time, you need to make different choices"....that sentence stuck with me and when, at work especially, I start reacting to a situation, I remember this sentence and I try a different way to tackle the situation.
Soul Re-alignment Client

I quickly recognised the person Philippa was talking about as the 'me' I used to be but had allowed to be buried under life pressures and poor choices. I realised that I like who I am deep down and need to re-engage with myself. I may not be the life and soul of the party or the person at work with big ideas but I am always there to offer support, comfort, love and friendship and people know they can come to me. I also acknowledge that I need the right love and support around me to thrive and need to make time for these relationships.

I was feeling low and lost and very unsure about work. I felt I had lost sight of me. I found my Soul profile to be very accurate - some very precise information from my past. It also affirmed what I already knew about myself deep down thus allowing me to be more positive about who I am and I feel as if a weight has lifted off me. I have had an appraisal at work and feel more positive about the coming year through some alterations to my job role. 

MS, Life Purpose Client

Soul Realignment with Philippa was a wonderful opportunity and experience. I instantly felt lighter, calmer and happier following both the initial session and following tasks. I would sum it up in one word: EMPOWERING.

I was at a significant turning point in my life and felt I needed to explore my soul footprint in order to help me start moving forward from the past. Having recently lost both parents, retired and moved house, I was struggling with my identity and next steps.

Soul Realignment has allowed me to have an accurate and even greater understanding of myself based on my soul profile, in particular my personality and who I was and who I am! I suppose it explains my life path and the reason it has taken the twists and turn it has over the last 60 years.

Life is good. Soul Realignment allowed me to draw a line under many thoughts, worries and regrets. I have been able to ‘let go’ of much clutter that was distracting me from moving on in my life. I have greater understanding of myself, which is allowing me to move forward with positivity and hope that my future will have purpose. I am more comfortable with WHO I AM and that I am GOOD ENOUGH. I have also been able to grieve more rationally.

Soul Realignment Client

I was curious about Soul Realignment, particularly as my practice of Kundalini Yoga moves you closer to your essence and develops a relationship with your soul. I had no expectations, no real idea of the format or how the session would evolve, and this was perfect for me.

Philippa reveals the information in a natural, calm manner and makes you feel as if this is just as it should be. And it is. The information she shares about you, your soul, makes you smile because it is so pertinent and resonates so deeply that you feel like you are returning home.

It is so accurate, so personal and so revealing, but it is not unnerving. You are made to feel that this is the most natural process, because Philippa’s presence, tone and delivery makes it that way.
I particularly appreciated the assistance it gave to me in understanding the relationship with my Dad. The information gave me goose-bumps because it was so real.

It also reinforced aspects of myself, my shadows and qualities, giving me the push and reassurance to move forward. It was almost like a nod to my intuition, and a beautiful way of letting me know that my path is found.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this process to anybody. It is for everyone, because every soul deserves this assistance.

Louise, Kundalini Yoga Teacher

I am quite frankly blown away by the accuracy of my soul realignment session with Phillipa. She is amazing at this work!

I was mesmerised from the beginning of the session to the end, by Phillipa's engaging, confident, warm and gentle approach and her uncanny ability to accurately convey her "spot on" findings about my unique soul blueprint.

Every single thing Phillipa said resonated strongly with me!!! There were many a-ha moments. I feel a sense of excitement and liberation just knowing this insightful helpful wisdom. I was experiencing major blocks like procrastination getting my business of the ground, and around fully receiving love in to my heart.....it all makes sense now. I am SO excited to clear these blocks with Phillipa's guidance. I feel an innate sense that my life is going to dramatically change for the better following this session.

I know 100% that I can clear any karmic old patterns that don't belong to me and I am so excited to begin to live my life fully authentically me in alignment, according to my soul's deepest truths.

I am so impressed at how Phillipa ran the session - she spoke with clarity, accuracy and warmth. I found it very insightful, empowering and comforting and I left the session buzzing, knowing I have all the power in me to get my life unblocked and start to live in alignment with my soul's purpose.

Thank you Phillipa. I am now going to tell all my friends to book a session it was that good!!!!!

Soul Realignment Client

Soul Realignment with Philippa is truly fascinating, I discovered things about myself and confirmed others that had been lurking around but could not quite put my finger on. There are so many things that we can all do to remember our true nature and the reason why we are all here; living this life and this experience on earth and soul realignment is an incredible way of helping to do just that. I had not heard of it before, however Philippa made it easy to grasp and explained it all in such a way that I got the full benefit and understanding of how I can be in awareness of who I am and what my true purpose is. We tend to take for granted or are even unaware of how important being in alignment is, but when we are truly aligned at every level, life just flows. Thank you Philippa for this amazing gift of reminding me of who I am and why I am here. Life has been flowing since then I have to say!
Soul Realignment Client

My soul realignment session was transformative. I’ve always been drawn to two distinct pathways in my life and the soul realignment process helped me understand how both are important to me (and not one or the other). During the process, Philippa was a pleasure to talk to, her style of communication is very reassuring. Our discussion helped me make sense of several aspects of my life and will empower me to halt unhelpful recurring patterns. I had a few tasks to do for 7 and 21 days after our discussion and these were really helpful. I now feel a lot clearer and liberated energetically. I will be recommending the approach and Philippa to several acquaintances.”
University Professor

I have been astonished by the accuracy of the Soul Realignment given to me with such care, attention and professionalism by Philippa a few weeks ago. Following the consultation, I was invited to continue the healing journey by actively aligning through a centring process quietly at home. I have felt so empowered to release that which no longer serves me as I grow in awareness of the interconnectivity of a more peaceful and purposeful way of living. I highly recommend trying this beautiful and authentic practice, it is quite liberating!”

I had a Soul Realignment with Philippa a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it was the most eye opening and wonderful experience. It has helped me to see where to focus my strengths and shone a light on why I behave in certain ways, allowing me to embrace and change for the better. It has helped me find an inner peace and put together a few pieces of a jigsaw that I was missing. I would recommend this to everyone.
Engineer Coordinator

Other Success Stories, including courses and workshops

The coaching day was invaluable: I felt it gave me more clarity of what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to move my business forward. I came away with a plan of action and what steps I needed to take. I also felt motivated and encouraged and more confident. Having a regular phone call with Philippa has helped me to stay on track with improving my mindset. I definitely would not have achieved what I have in the last 6 months if I hadn’t been working with Philippa. I now truly believe I have found my purpose in business, and feel excited, happy and more confident about the future.

Philippa’s Mindfulness course is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have struggled in the past with low mood and low self esteem and I wanted to change that. I wanted to enjoy life to the full and be happy in my own skin and with who I am. The course put everything in perspective and gave me a clear pathway to do this. It has helped me not to overthink, go for what I want out of life and not constantly beat myself up. It has given me an ‘inner calm’ which I have managed to maintain to date. I know there are going to be difficult times (which there still are every day) but the course has allowed me to stay in control and to press the ‘pause’ button when I need to. I have benefited SO much from this course and have already made some massive changes in my life as a result of it. It has therefore not only been great for me, but for my family around me who are benefiting from the ‘new me’. I have had so many comments from friends on how I have changed – it is empowering and fantastic!

The course content was fantastic, the take home notes are great & vital because there is so much to take in on the course you couldn't possibly remember it all. I liked all the real-life examples and how you were willing to open up about your own experiences and struggles. The course has definitely had a profound effect on me. I have certainly not beaten or become accountable for all my egos, but I am more aware of them and that already makes me feel less stressed. I have been calmer & I have fewer physical symptoms of stress now, & when I do get stressed I'm dealing with it better. I am aware I have a long way to go as I still put myself at the bottom of the pile when it comes to time planning, but I know how to address it when I am ready to deal with it. I am working on loving myself more & I no longer feel out of control of my feelings, which is great! I have already recommended the course to many people, including my mum! Thank you for starting me off on a challenging but exciting journey!

Philippa at Mindset workshopAs a Pilates teacher the connection between the mind and body is a massive component of the work I do with my clients. So I am constantly trying to add new experiences to our programmes to provide opportunities for lifestyle improvements, so when I invited Philippa to present one of her mindset workshops I wanted it to be a positive, but enjoyable session to show what can be achieved by us all if we start to think differently. Philippa fulfilled this completely. She has a wonderful manner and style of delivery that put everyone at their ease, and engaged the group with what she presented. The level of her presentation was sufficient in that she provided information and real life examples of how changes can be made in order to find clearer direction with life, without making anyone feel uncomfortable. She gave practical tasks to get the group participating, and created an atmosphere of free and non-judgemental discussion. Without doubt everyone in the room felt they had an opportunity to obtain enough information to take the next step, and to start making changes on a personal level towards elevating their mindset. Philippa is completely professional and demonstrated a depth of knowledge and experience that immediately made us trust and welcome her help. I totally and completely recommend anyone to grab an opportunity to work with Philippa to achieve a totally HAPPY life 🙂
Jane Thomas

Owner, Jane Thomas Pilates in Loughborough

I loved Philippa's enthusiasm, passion and honesty. I loved being reconnected with the 'positive, mindset' philosophy.

A friend recommended Philippa and the Jumpstart your Mindset course to me, and I have to say it was money well spent! I learnt so much about why things in my life weren't working for me and how to look at things differently and make changes to my thoughts and actions that work for me better. I discovered my core values: one of the 3 surprised me as I had never considered it before, but actually it makes perfect sense to me. Philippa is fantastic at delivering the knowledge, and keeping you engaged and focused on the subject. She is also fantastic at getting you to think for yourself and assisting by giving you relevant prompts when required. I highly recommend this session to anyone who wants to live a more positive and happier life.

Was a fabulous workshop – thanks, Philippa
Esther Felder

I wanted to improve my mindset for both my business and life, to attract more success and abundance into my life. The process of working with you has been fantastic, you were always available, both at the events and online, to help and make sense of things, very approachable. One best result I have had from working with you is that I feel much more aware of my negative thoughts and that they are just beliefs that over time I know I will be able to eradicate or improve.

This is the second time I have seen Philippa Burnett.  What can I say, brilliant...
Ann Marie Topham

I haven't been able to stop thinking about it and I'm still contemplating all the ideas! Loved it, thanks.
Jennifer Walker

It was really an inspirational 2 hours - thanks Philippa
Christina Hansson

I spend a lot of my time planning and meeting others' needs. I found it hard to find the "right time" to schedule time in for me though realise (more so now) that it is important to do so. If I'm happy and chilled so is everyone else! Using the tripod method to work through a very personal "I will never" statement was very helpful. After it I felt lighter and more energised.

A great session, thanks Philippa! Was sorry I couldn't stay on at the end.
Melissa Bainbridge

Thank you for the wonderful Mindset course. I don't know where to start but I can't ever thank you enough. I decided to do the course to help me have the confidence to make changes in my life. I needed help with my low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. I was feeling increasingly unhappy and unfulfilled as a person, I didn't know who I was anymore! I was feeling alone and isolated with my thoughts. I had lots of friends but I was drifting with no purpose! My emotions were totally out of control too. The course was everything I thought it was going to be and more. Philippa's knowledge and skills guided us through the programme, and she created a lovely relaxed atmosphere. There was plenty of opportunity for group discussions and answering questions. The course was well planned and organised, it felt tried and tested, and straight away, I felt it was going to be good! Philippa taught me how to steer my boat and make sure it's also untethered from the shore! I can control my thoughts now and am no longer going to be a Doormat! The course has given me the confidence to change my life.

Thank you, Philippa - was really insightful and interesting, just what I needed!
Hayley Eleanor Smith

I attended your course as your email struck a chord with me. I have been particularly anxious for some time and wanted to stop feeling like that! Have tried self help books, counselling and tapes but nothing has really helped. The process has been so good. I enjoyed the course very much and it has certainly given me more understanding of why I am like I am and that I can change by using the tools you have given us. The one best result would be that I think I know and understand myself better, after 60 years or so! That's got to be very positive.

The Workshop was a really positive experience. I was surprised at how much we did in the time without feeling rushed. The time and tools helped me to begin proper and meaningful self reflection. I have already started to use what I learned in every day life. It was great being with a group of women who had so much to share and I learned much from them. Philippa is an excellent facilitator and role model and made me feel totally included and valued. Thankyou for a great start on my journey in Mindset.

Fabulous Mindset workshop with Philippa on 25th September, I took so many notes and I will definitely be signing up for a course this year, it all made a lot of sense and I know now that changing my mindset will be the biggest thing I can do to create more success with my business in the future.
Danii Adamson

Aspiring Business Women Workshop

Philippa's 'Elevate Your Life' course was just what I had been looking for and it didn't disappoint! It has been one of the most valuable learning opportunities I have experienced, enabling me to achieve a new level of personal growth. Philippa's relaxed, yet professional, teaching style allowed our small group to quickly feel at ease with each other so that we could all participate fully in the course. Philippa provided a good balance of didactic and experiential learning and, throughout the course, her skills in mindset coaching really helped me to understand and apply the theory to myself. I could feel the shift in my mindset emerging and could see the results of this shift beginning to show in my changing thought processes and sense of purpose and well-being. Philippa's passion for what she does is so refreshing and her warmth and sincerity shine though in her teaching. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop and grow as a person. Thank you, Philippa.

Feeling totally inspired after this morning's mindset workshop. Not in a way I was expecting! Thank you again, ABW.
Jacqui Sankey

A big thank you to Philippa Burnett for this morning's session on Mindset for business. Totally not about goal setting. I'm not going to say much more because one day you might see Philippa and I don't want to spoil for it for you".

Clair Carrington

Co-founder of ABW, The Aspiring Business Women Networking Group