by Philippa Bottrill

Possibilities are all around us,

We only have to open our eyes and see.

We think we only have the one option,

We think we only have one way to be.

But when did you stop and ask yourself, is that really all I can actually see?

Our choices they are endless, and when we look at them with our hearts and minds wide open, we can see, how limitless they really are meant to be.

We are the ones who put the brakes on,

We are the ones who won’t look and see,

We are the ones who shut down our options and often assume that this is what is meant to be.

Have you opened your eyes, your heart, your soul, have you looked within and pondered is there more, for if we take the time we know that there are so many possibilities out there for us all to explore.

When you are open to expansion, when you are open to growth, and all the many different ways to see, you’ll realise that life is no where near as limited as you thought that it once might be.

And as I stroll through my life, it feels so important to me, to take the time to look around and not to just wonder what could my life be, but instead, become the magical creator of all that this life can truly offer to me.