I had many, many conversations this week with lots of different people, some of these were face to face, some on the phone, some via email, some through social media.

I have many of these conversations every single week without fail.  I have conversations with a great number of people - this weekly newsletter is one of the ways I have conversations with you.

I get asked the same questions all the time:

Doesn't it take up hours of my time?

How do I decide what to write about?

Don't I get bored with doing this every week for years and years?

And the big one, WHY do I do it?

The answer is very simple, I do it because having just one conversation makes a difference!

If that one conversation touches the heart and changes the life of just one person, then it is absolutely worth it. When one person changes, it affects all the people that are around them and so on - the ripple effect is massive.

Don't think for one minute that YOU can't change people's lives - we all do, all the time.

Don't underestimate the impact that YOU have on others.

The world is a mirror, and if you smile, connect, engage with people, it will make a difference.

My whole philosophy in life is helping people to lead happier, healthier lives through Mind, Body & Soul. 

One of the ways I do this is through connecting with as many people as I can.  I want to make a difference, it's my small way of giving more to people, making sure that my actions are consistent with my values, and guess what?

It feels great!  It feels amazing to give, when people tell me that something I've said has made them stop and think, something has resonated with them, something has made them change something in their lives, that that ONE CONVERSATION helped them in some way - that's my reward 🙂

So today, why don't you pay it forward? 

Listen more attentively to the people in your lives

Be interested in their thoughts, feelings and activities

Be open-hearted, less judgmental

Don't be so guarded - be vulnerable every now and again

Be generous with your time, attention, love, money

Celebrate our differences and other peoples accomplishments

Have more compassion and less intolerance

Consider a different perspective

Smile at someone you don't know

Talk to the person looking awkward by themselves

Life is a mirror, you get back exactly what you reflect out there, so let's make sure what you are reflecting out is consistent with YOUR values.

Have the ONE CONVERSATION today and make a difference 🙂

On that note for those of you who are unsure what the 3E's is all about, it is all about conversation. It is a group of like minded women getting together and talking, I set the topic and start the conversation off but it soon has a life of its own and goes in many different ways. We get to think about things differently, we get to understand other peoples' point of view, we get to learn things, embrace new ideas and understand some concepts a little better, we get to talk about things that we might not discuss with anyone else, we get to share our fears and hopes and we get the chance to connect. We laugh, we drink herbal teas and eat yummy cakes and we usually end with meditation. The topic for our next 3E's is Freedom, this will be held on November 22nd at Balance 10-12noon, we would love you to come along and join us.