I am so excited to be able to bring Chakra Re-Balancing to Balance.

Most of us have heard about Chakra’s, we might even know that there are 7 Chakra’s located along our body, a bit like energy hubs, through which flows the energy of our meridians, endocrine glands, organs and nervous systems.  

So, when we get stressed, we feel it in the chakra associated with that part of our consciousness. Tension is detected by the nerves associated with each chakra and communicated to the physical and energy body controlled by that bundle of nerves. 

It works bit like an energy defence system - opening and closing chakras.  A negative experience (and the low-frequency energy that comes with it) can cause the associated chakra energy to close, in order to block that energy out.  Similarly, if we are clinging to a low-calibrating feeling like shame, prolonging the emotion because we refuse to deal with it or move it, we close off the chakra (the channel through with the energy would otherwise escape).

Generally speaking, wellness is influenced by how well our energy flows through these chakras, which is determined by the open or constricted state of our emotions, body and energy body.  When tension at a chakra continues over a period of time or reaches particular intensity, it can create a physical symptom.  

Just like thirst - by the time you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

Can you see how important it is to be aware of the state of our Chakras?  Bioresonance chakra re-balancing is a gorgeous way of doing this, a chakra MOT, if you will! 

Here are some comments from clients who have received Chakra Re-balancing:

The session helped me to be more aware and in touch with my inner self. This has empowered me and given me 'permission' somehow to listen to myself, pause and reflect during my day so that I feel I am being more true to myself.”

I really felt a shift as I relaxed more and more through the session, it was definite and clear.  Quite unexpected.”

I've felt more light hearted and saw the funny side of situations more easily, with some corny jokes as a result.  I had quite a physical weekend following the treatment and felt energised and relaxed, but able to say “time for a break”. Didn't feel pressured to carry on, where I probably would normally.”

“I felt totally calm and chilled all week, somehow buoyed up too, it was wonderful!”

“I actually felt incredibly revitalised the next day and got so much done!! I felt focused, energised and happy, as if I had been given a little boost of something rather nice!”

Jules is offering this at a cost of £50 and it will last 50 minutes during which time you rest in a comfy chair fully clothed.  The method involves the use of a Bioresonance machine.  You hold brass balls that are connected to the device and you are leaning on a mat that is also connected and through which the resonance travels.   As Jules explained to me, when she says resonance, think “the song of the crystal” that is re-tuning your own chakra to that perfect pitch, resulting in you taking up the song at each chakra for yourself.  

Most people drift off to sleep, some feel meditative during treatment, others have wonderful images float by. 

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