What is Mindscaping?

Mindscaping was developed by legendary hypnotist and educator Mike Mandel. This cutting-edge psychotechnology allows you to access your internal map and change, adapt and adjust it to meet any circumstance. Shift how you see the world through Mindscaping and make the changes that empower you to get where you want to go.

Mindscaping is a way of building a bridge to the unconscious mind of the person you are working with - the unconscious mind offers you the metaphorical keys that will solve their problem. This is so important as metaphors help people relate to things they already understand - as it is the client's unconscious mind that generates the metaphor and not the practitioner, it is something they can immediately relate to.

Your unconscious mind acts to keep you safe, it protects you, and it is the root source of what you believe and therefore how you act and the results that you have in your life today. You operate from your unconscious mind 95% of the time, it is below your thinking awareness, and it is here where we work with Mindscape.

How can Mindscaping help you?

Mindscaping can be used for all sorts of issues, large or small, whether your desire is improved health, enhanced creativity, better relationships, or anything else that you may want to change. It is not a standalone tool for addictions or phobias: we don’t use it to stop you smoking, but it allows you to see the pathway to where you want to be. This is very powerful.

What Happens in a Session?

We get clients to create an internal 3D map, via their unconscious mind.

Clients are not put into a trance at the start of a session, as in hypnosis, however they do go into a trance by default. They are able to talk fluently and answer questions throughout the session.

The session is two fold:
1. Discovery of the person's individual Map
2. Landscaping their individual Map

What is your investment?

Take that life changing step today

Mindscaping with Philippa was fantastic! I had no idea what to expect at all but it blew my mind in all the right ways 🙂 I gained a wider insight and clarity into so many things during and immediately following the session that I felt I had made a significant breakthrough, I was buzzing! I couldn’t quite believe what I had just experienced, it was incredible. The mind is so powerful. Life went in a fantastic direction following my session.
Self-confidence/Self-worth client

I had never before experienced, nor heard of, Mindscape. I cannot believe how simple and effective it is! I love metaphors so this really played to my heart when trying to figure out the messages it held for me. It made it an enjoyable way of discovering the answers to questions you may have never even known you had and had a profound way of tapping into what’s really going on in there. I gained huge insight.
Depression and Self-confidence client

About Philippa Bottrill (ARTT, C.Hyp)

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  • Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner
  • Master Mindset Performance Coach Level 1 and 2
  • MindMap Mastery Coach
  • Mindscape Practitioner
  • Soul Realignment Practitioner
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