I'm sure most of you aware that I have been running my first Flourish Retreat with Louise Luiggi in Corsica, and it was a truly wonderful experience.

A group of 6 women joined us, all for very different reasons.  They took that leap of faith and chose to spend a week experiencing what we had to offer, each one of them wanting to get in touch with themselves a little more and to explore many possibilities.

It was such a huge success and as I reflect on the reasons why, I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

I believe it was because we nourished our Mind, Body and Soul.

All three areas were nourished and transformations happened. Sometimes we underestimate the value of the power of all three, mind, body & soul, but if we don't give one area the same amount of nourishing, the effect is simply not the same. 

You see, the villa itself was stunning, the location and the island were breathtakingly beautiful, our environment was fantastic and special. The food, which was lovingly provided by Steph (owner and chef from French Living) was created with the freshest of ingredients, locally sourced so we could fuel our bodies with the best 'nutrition' and this also helps our minds and brains - food is such an important part of mental health, but that's another blog!

Louise led Kundalini Yoga every morning which included Mantra, Breathing and Meditation, we practised this outside overlooking the sea and feeling the sun of our faces - a perfect way to start the day. Everyone had a session with me to go through their Soul Profile and discover their gifts and talents, with a chance to explore where they could make small changes that would impact their lives in ways they really wanted. I did guided mediation, focussing on healing and tapping into our creativity and an RTT session focussing on feeling good enough and embracing this phase of our lives with love, excitement and joy.

We spent the days exploring this amazing island, having fun in the water, challenging ourselves with steep walks, a swing bridge, plunging into ice cold pools, being creative with pottery, meandering around old villages, talking, chatting, sharing and laughing as we all got to know each other and most importantly supporting each other.  We learnt to be more in the moment, to accept what is, to feel more connected, to experience calm, peace and joy.  Each and everyone of us Flourished.

So, why I am telling yo all this - because as I lie here typing on my computer I realise that it is within each of us to create our very own 'retreat', all we have to do is care for ourselves a little better.

We can create a beautiful environment to live in, we can de-clutter our living and working spaces, add pictures, colours and many things that make us happy, we are surrounded by lovely places to walk and to be in nature, we can nourish ourselves with better food, food that our bodies and minds really want, we can try new things, experience different things, take ourselves a little out of our comfort zone, we can make more time to do things with our family and friends and be in the moment with them.  All this is possible if we prioritise ourselves just a little more - surely it's time for us all to Flourish.

Bring a Flourish retreat into your life!