Hypnotherapy with

Philippa Bottrill

"Real Change for Real People"

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxed awareness. You will be physically relaxed but remain mentally alert. In this trance state, your subconscious mind is most receptive to hypnotic suggestion, but rest assured I cannot make you do anything you do not want to do.
Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven treatment for a wide range of issues.

Areas of Specialism:

These sessions are:

  • NON REGRESSION sessions
  • Can be content-free, I need to know very little about your issue
  • Bespoke to you
  • No recording or follow up work
  • I work with your subconscious mind, rather than installation
  • A session lasts approx 45mins
  • Zoom or face to face

Hypnotherapy with Philippa Bottrill


My hypnotherapy sessions are always designed with you in mind and therefore I work with YOU, your subconscious and how your brain works. This allows you to get the best result from your sessions.

These sessions work and they will work brilliantly for you. The beauty of these sessions is that you won't be revisiting past traumatic experiences, and you don't need to know why you have the issue, you just want the issue gone and that is what I work on.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotised, in fact, hypnosis is a natural process and we can go into hypnosis many times during a day, for example, daydreaming, just before we fall asleep and even when you have driven somewhere you often go and then cannot remember actually driving there.

There are different levels of trance, and some people are more suggestible than others, but everyone can go into hypnosis.

What does Trance feel like?

This often feels like deep relaxation, you are aware of everything, able to communicate with me, it's not frightening, in fact, most people describe it as a very pleasurable experience.

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

Absolutely not, you will always be able to come out and be back in the present.

How many sessions will I need?

This depends on you and on the issue. Sometimes all that is needed is one session for the issue to be resolved, but if it’s deep-rooted it can require more. Usually, between 1-3 sessions are needed.

What's my investment?

Individual session £95

1 x 45 min bespoke hypnotherapy session

Eliminate your Issue £250

Up to a maximum of 3 hypnotherapy sessions

Success Stories

I went to RTT to help me with the lack of belief in myself and my decisions. I didn’t know what to expect, it was more powerful than I imagined. Since my session, what has really changed for me is the ability to recognise fear as a sign of change and to embrace that and be confident in making a decision. I thought Philippa was an excellent RTT therapist. She made me feel very comfortable and secure with what was an unknown situation. The recording was very thorough and easy to work with.

Self Confidence Client

Working with Philippa has helped me to change some deep-rooted issues. I could not understand what had held me back for so long. During the session, I was able to come to some important realisations and understandings about my issue. I am now taking action to help me to reach my Goals, which before my session with Philippa had been extremely difficult... Thank you so much Philippa.

Life Purpose Client

I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I have no reluctance to attempt anything at the moment.  I find the recording therapeutic and enjoy listening to it of an evening!  Wish I had done this sooner

Confidence Client

To Book An Appointment


Hypnotherapy sessions are held at my home studio but don't worry if you're out of the area, we do hypnotherapy equally as effectively via Zoom. So you can still benefit even if you cannot get to the home studio!

There are various appointments available in my quiet home studio throughout the week so that privacy is guaranteed.