Wishing all my lovely clients a wonderful Christmas time.

I really wanted to say a big Thank You to each and everyone one of you for supporting me and all that we do at Balance - it really is what makes my Life Purpose so rewarding and worthwhile.

For another year you have supported all our Pilates classes at Balance, we have also run:

Advanced, Intermediate, Improvers and Beginner Pilates,
Healthy Backs 4 Life,  
Reformer sessions, 
 Kundalini Yoga,
RTT (Hypnosis),
Soul Realignment 
3Es Meet ups 
Ayurveda Retreat Days
Mass Meditation
Standing Pilates, Workshop
Bone Health Course
Happy Hips the Pilates Way Workshop
Balance Pads Workshop
Posture - Sanding tall Workshop
Knee workshop
Shoulder Workshop
Mindful Yoga Course
Chakra Dancing 
Flourish Retreat in Corsica
Chakra Rebalancing
Fermenting Veg Workshop
Kombucha Workshop

And of course we have had a Coffee morning, a Book Launch and Our first ever Flourish retreat - it has been a busy year!

We have also raised money for CASY and the Nottingham Hospice this year.

We have all been growing and evolving this year and so has Balance! We have been determined to bring more things to the studio for us all to experience, dip our toes in and try a few new things, and we are determined to do the same next year.

Jules has joined me this year and is helping with the admin side of the business as well as bringing us some wonderful Gut Health workshops to Balance. As a Medical Herbalist and Bioresonace practitioner she has the most amazing knowledge and ability to help us lead healthier lives, lives more in tune with nature and utilising the abundance of herbs and plants to aid our health.  

We will be running many more workshops and retreat days on how we can naturally improve our health and well being - I'm really excited about this.

Pippa has increased her hours, and as a Physiotherapist and low back pain exercise specialist, she has enthusiastically taken over the HB4L classes. Her Reformer sessions are booming and she is excited to bring some much needed specialist workshops to Balance and also will continue with her Mindful Yoga and she will be bringing us Yoga for Bone Health in the New Year.

Myself, Pippa and Daisy will continue to bring you fun, structured, challenging, enjoyable classes throughout the year.

I will be working with my ever increasing RTT clients helping them to transform their lives. I am also working with Soul Realignment, my new(ish) modality, which is proving to be hugely beneficial, and again is helping people to gain a deep understanding of who they are, what their gifts are and what is holding them back.

And Finally.....

I know that lots of people find Christmas stressful, but it really is just another day, and let's not forget we can choose whether that day is one that brings us Joy or not. 

It doesn't have to involve huge amounts of expensive gifts, masses of rich foods, copious amounts of alcohol and sugar, resenting having the relatives around and so on - they are after all our choices.

But even if it does involve some or all of the above, why don't we all choose to smile more, engage more, listen more, play more, not react to others and enjoy OUR day!

Lets make sure we all spread a little kindness over the Christmas period 🙂