What an exciting week it has been for me!  Those of you on social media will have seen that my new book, Explore Expand Engage - Live a Life Less Ordinary, is now out on Amazon and Foyles.

Around this time last year, a publisher named Jon contacted me via LinkedIn, introduced himself as a publisher and asked if I was interested in co-writing a book on low back pain with James Earl (Born to Walk).  To say I was a little shocked was somewhat of an understatement, and although obviously my ego was flattered, I knew that I did not have the depth of knowledge, nor the passion, to write that kind of book. 

However, as is my way, I replied saying that it was not really my area of specialism and sent him links to my blogs and my RTT website. He loved both and asked me if I would do a presentation for him about RTT at The Federation of Holistic Therapies, which naturally I agreed to do. We chatted a lot over the following months and I talked about how Mindset had changed my life and he read quite a lot of my blogs and he asked me to consider writing a book on Mindset.  I instantly said yes.

To be honest, I was a little nervous.  Although I have written many many articles for newspapers/magazines and, of course, this newsletter, I did not consider myself a writer!  But you do know when something just feels right.  I liked Jon, I trusted him and I really wanted to be able to reach more people. Jon had already told me how much his life had changed since meeting me and wrote this little testimonial for me:

“Since meeting Philippa, we’ve completely changed the way that our
business functions. As well as expanding into new and lucrative subject
areas that we’d not considered previously, we have bought another
publisher, and gone from a relative comfort zone to being much more
expansive, looking for new opportunities. By applying the principles that
Philippa has laid out, we are heading into a very exciting phase of our
business. Thanks for your help Philippa!”

Jon Hutchings, Founder and owner of Lotus Publishing, Chichester.

Over the years, so many of you have commented on some of the newsletters or blog posts I've written, saying that is has changed the way you think about something or has inspired you to do something different, that what I have written about has had an impact in someway on your life.

That was all I needed, the desire to help and so I began...

This is what I have written to go on the back of my book cover and I think it sums up really well why I've written this book.

The author, Philippa Bottrill, says: 'I know that when I began my journey into taking more responsibility for the life I was creating, I would have loved a book that was a gentle introduction to just that. A book that held my hand as I started to explore more about how and why I was repeating the same mistakes. A book that helped show me a way to grow and expand my awareness of how powerful our mindset truly is. And a book that helped me to engage with simple, easy concepts that made sense to me and that I could apply to my life straight away.

This book is all that - a collection of some of the thoughts and ideas that have brought about consistent, positive changes in all aspects of my life so that I have led, and may continue to lead, a life less ordinary.'

I would love you to support me with this venture, and for those of you who would like to buy a copy, please click here to be taken to the Amazon website or here to go to the Foyles website.

I will also be having a Book Launch at Balance on 18th May.

Thank you to you all for continually supporting me along my journey, encouraging me, inspiring me, growing with me - without you all, none of this would have been possible.

Philippa book cover - explore, expand, engage