What is our biggest fear?

Usually when we consider this, we would probably say 'death'.........but is that really true?

You see, I'm not sure death is the biggest fear we have, I think it is actually taking the risk to be alive. The risk to be alive and express what and who we truly are.

Maybe if death is staring us in the face, we might consider it our biggest fear at that point.  Though we may well be caught up with regret and sorrow over some of the many things we have done and the numerous things we never go to do - the things that we never had the courage to do, the things we thought were not available to us or the things we thought we were not good enough to do.

We really have learned to live our lives trying to please others, trying to satisfy other people's demands. We learn to live by what other people think we should be doing, their point of view, not ours.  All because of the fear of not being accepted and of not being good enough for someone else.

As we travel through our lives, we form ideas, concepts, images of what perfection is and if we don't measure up to this, we don't feel good enough, we think that we must be in some way 'lacking'. Therefore, we create an image of ourselves that fits in with other peoples' expectations in order to be accepted by society, our culture and especially our loved ones.

As we try to be 'good enough' we present this image of perfection, yet this image is not real and this image is not us. You see, from this point of view, the view of other people, we are NEVER going to be perfect - EVER.

Why? Because it is not OUR perspective but others' and if it is not ours we will never feel good enough, we will feel false, frustrated and unauthentic.

We end up in a position where we cannot accept ourselves, we find many many ways that we 'numb' ourselves to this truth.  Alcohol, sugar, food, abusing our bodies, gossip, busyness, controlling behaviour, restricting our dreams, staying stuck and of course the continuous judgement and horrific criticism of ourselves.

We fear truly living, we fear being who we are and for most of us being who we truly are is the scariest thing in the world.

So, here is what I do (remember this is only my opinion).  It might not suit you one little bit, you have to find a way that works for you and allows you to be the authentic YOU.

I try new things.

I try lots of different things, I explore new places, I learn new things, I try new activities, I meet new people, I try things out - some are great, some not so great, but I am constantly and consistently doing things differently.

We have a wonderful space at Balance, and it is attracting people who have the most amazing skills, who are willing to come along and share some of their 'stuff' with you and for you to have opportunities where you can explore many varied and exciting, perhaps challenging new things.  I would love you to join us, do something you've never done before, do something you are not sure you will like, try something new and Explore, Expand and Engage with us.

As I say on the end of my Instagram posts- 'Your time is NOW'. Let's not fear living, let's embrace it and be the truly unique, amazing person you were born to be.