Philippa Bottrill


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I know that I am learning lots about myself during this lockdown and I hope that by sharing some of my experiences it allows you to learn a little more about you.

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The Great Pause!

As I sit and write this weeks 'ponderings', the sun is streaming in through my windows and this morning I have done a beautiful Yoga Nidra practice and then got together with 15/16 of my lovely...

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Another beautiful day!

I wanted to share with you all the theme of a post I put on Facebook last week.I took the above picture in my hour of outdoor exercise and it made me reflect on how grateful I am that I live right...

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Welcome to a new World!

Wow, what a week last week was and was it really only a week ago?  I feel like it's been at least a month, maybe more, all squished into a week.As I sit down to write this week's...

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The Oxygen Advantage

We all know that breathing is fundamental to life but like most things there is a good way to breathe and a not so good way. So, lets look at some of the basics covered...

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What is herbal medicine?

Many of us get up in the morning, rush to get the dogs walked before we ourselves get ready, hurry to get children to school and some endure a stressful commute. We are pressured...

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