Another Christmas has come and gone

and hopefully it's been an enjoyable one,

for me the hard work is done,

the presents thoughtfully chosen are given,

the dinner all cooked and eaten, 

the relatives all gone,

so it's my time to breathe and reflect on the year almost done.

I look back on my choices, the decisions I made,

the actions I took, the plans that were laid,

for this year that is passing, the changes have been many.

I have grown and developed,

new experiences galore,

new friendships so strong 

and opportunities that came along.

I travelled afar to places new to me

the cultures, the landscape, so much to do and see.

It has been a year of changes both at work and home,

more time has been made to expand and explore

a book has been written,

my first of this kind

 about my favourite subject

expanding the mind.

This gap that comes between Christmas and New Year

is a time of reflection and always a time to cheer.

I celebrate the wins, 

the progress, the joy.

I acknowledge the sadness, the things that went wrong,

but my heart is still smiling and my soul is still strong.

As I wave goodbye to Christmas 

and welcome the New Year

I take a deep breath

for what is still to come

the excitement, the fun, 

the sorrow, the tears,

but embrace it I do as I know deep within

this journey, this life, it has all but begun.