Philippa Bottrill

"Real Change for Real People"

You know it is time for change!
You wouldn’t be here on my website otherwise and I’m glad you are here.
I want you to know that you don't have to wait any longer wishing things would be different, I would love to help you to discover how easy, effortless and empowering it can be.
So, if you're tired of living with your fears and phobias and are fed up feeling anxious all the time, lack self confidence or perhaps have weight issues, whatever it is you want, it can be yours and I can help you.
Hypnosis is life-changing and as you’ll see from my success stories it has been for many people just like you.

As an advanced clinical hypnotherapist, I can help you with:

  • Confidence, Self-Esteem
  • Stress, Anxiety, Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Weight problems
  • Chronic Pain
  • Public Speaking

Success Stories

My experience of RTT with Philippa was wonderful. I felt totally safe and relaxed with her. Having lived with the same issues for 53 years, to think we could get to the bottom of it in one session, is truly amazing.  I came away feeling somehow 'lighter' and so happy.  I can't thank you enough Philippa.

Sue, Confidence and Self-Esteem Issues

The scenes made sense to me but also gave me some valuable insight into what had happened in my childhood to cause the way I was feeling and behaving today. For me the transformation was the most powerful part of the session. I felt that it was exactly what I needed and very personal to me and my experience.  I felt very pleased after the session, confident that the transformation recording was exactly what I needed. 

I have been a lot more confident in myself, freer to express myself knowing that I am enough.

TH, Imposter Syndrome Client

I read a lot of reports about how alcoholics have to live day-by-day, taking one day at a time, like every day is a daily battle not to drink, even decades later. But for me this isn’t the case. I rarely think about alcohol, and when I do, there is a degree of indifference towards it, and that is all thanks to RTT.

Alcohol Addiction Client

Following our session I felt a weight lift.  I felt the negativity mostly disappeared and I found that I could focus on my goals with excitement rather than trepidation.  I no longer feel overwhelmed by everything, and am able to focus on what I want out of a situation rather than feeling as though I am drowning. I still have a way to go, but take myself out and listen to your tape whenever I find myself floundering.  With immense gratitude I can honestly say that RTT has been an amazing breakthrough for me.

I have been a lot more confident in myself, freer to express myself knowing that I am enough.

Anxiety Client